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About Us

It all started from a simple love and care of a mother upon her ‘little rascal’. Worry after always having to find her 7 years old son with swelling of mosquito bites every time came home from the school or the garden, it prompted her to look for an effective insect repellent yet free of chemical substances. Being an enthusiast of essential oil application herself, the mother started looking around for different essences and tried experimenting / mixing her own insect repellent. That gave birth to the very first product with many more in line. Basically all products were created for her own family usage, for example, ‘Sweet Sweet Dream’ was blended in order to help her little rascal who are over excited and hard to tuck into bed sometimes. Meanwhile, the brand name ‘UZEN’ reflects what the founder hopes for the customer when using our products….helping YOU to achieve ZEN experience of feeling peaceful and relaxed